Mod Podge Matte Sealer 2oz Bottle

Mod Podge Matte Sealer 2oz Bottle

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While glue is not required for any of the static models, we've found that a quick coat of Mod Podge will eliminate any possibility of little bits falling off, as the wood naturally expands & shrinks over time. We're now using it on all of our displays whenever we assemble a new one.

Once the model is complete, simply brush on, avoiding any moving parts and making sure to cover joins. It will dry clear and the matte finish is completely invisible on the finished piece.

From the manufacturer:

This quick-drying formula works on a variety of surfaces such as wood, paper, canvas, tin, terra cotta, and more - making this a must-have product for all your arts and crafts!
Clean up is easy with Mod Podge! When you’re finished with your project, simply clean up any extra with soap and water.