Left Corner Spiderweb - Mixed Textured Clear Glass

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In the corner of a window or doorframe, this is a spiderweb you won't mind having in your home.

The glass used varies between each piece. Some is new, some is reclaimed, and some is vintage - it's whatever we grab. Hanging daintily from a bit of brass chain on one side is a friendly copper spider.

While the same pattern is used, every web is of course different - even those cut from the same types of glass will never look quite the same. They are finished in a black patina (varies from grey to black) and polished with carnauba wax. The straight edges are zinc channel to provide strength and prevent bending.

The piece is approximately 9½" wide and 8" tall. We can provide a couple of heavy-duty suction cups it if is not going to be hung in direct sunlight, or alternatively add 8" of black chain to each loop so it can be hung directly from the frame - just let us know when placing the order if you'd like one of these options (there's no extra charge).