Counting down.

LoadoutWell, everything is wrapped, packed, boxed, staged, and ready to be loaded this afternoon. We’re stopping in West Virginia tonight and then heading into Lexington at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow so we can get unloaded and set up as early as possible.

The weather is supposed to be icky on Saturday (the standard “wintery mix”) but it’s also more than three days away so that may well change. Regardless, we can’t see it affecting turnout all that much.

The Actual Last Batch

These truly are it for this round. We’re especially excited about Anyanka, who was done in the same style as Anya, right down to the tarnished rivets and rusty hooves. Anyanka 4.jpg
We also finished a brass horse and a couple of smaller ones.

The Last Batch…

…for the moment. We still have a couple of the big horses and one or two smaller ones that are being worked on, but its not likely they’ll end up with a separate post. Sterling is putting the finishing touches on the Critters, and the Professor is packing and getting things staged for the loadout Wednesday night.  And both of us are starting to get nervous!

They Keep Coming

Which is a Good Thing. A few more that were finished this weekend. Output has dropped a bit since we’re working on some larger ones at the same time. They should be done during the week. There’ll probably be one more post before the Lexington show.

For a change, we’re photographing and tagging as we go instead of waiting until the last minute. We have a friend coming over this week to help start packing, which will hopefully prevent last-minute pre-show craziness. Hopefully.

Busy, busy.

The next batch. This one includes an owl (becoming difficult to find), a couple of brontosauruses (always hard to find), and our very first frog.

Happy News!

We just got word we’ve been accepted for this year’s Watch City Steampunk Festival in Waltham, Mass!

And there is much rejoicing…this was a fantastic event last year, even though the weather wasn’t great. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a beautiful day this year and an even better show!

Now if we can just remember to actually take pictures this time…

And We’re Off!

First batch of the season, destined for the Lexington Comic & Toy show (hover over the pictures for their names). At the moment we have between thirty and forty more that are actively being worked on. They won’t all be done in time for this first show, of course, but it’s going to be a busy spring and the more we can get started the better.

A Rocky Start

The first new glass pieces of the season, incorporating some wonderful rock samples. In this case, a geode slice and a lump of Brazilian amethyst.


There are plans for more of the small panels, and we’re looking at mounting other castings in a similar fashion.

TPRFM in April

Having learned our lesson the last time we applied, when applications for the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market in April opened this past Saturday morning we were ready. Both of us had the email open on separate machines, ready to fill out and submit the application as soon as 10AM rolled around. And it worked! – we’re in for Saturday April 8th.

It’s shaping up to be a very busy spring.

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market website.

Post-Holiday Lull

Well, it’s that time of year again…our little break from the workshops before we start up again in January.

In years past we’ve taken this time to re-do areas of the shop, but that was actually all done early in the fall. Apart from needing to touch up the paint on the floor, we’re good to go. There are still a few projects on the back burner, though – the Professor wants to set up a dedicated area for photographs, and Sterling would like to get more video online.

Over the next couple of months we’re going to try to post new items as they’re completed, before our first show in March.

In the meantime, there will probably be a lot of naps.