Steampunk Honesdale – 7/21/2017

Honesdale 2

Another very warm weekend, but at least the rain held off until late in the day Saturday. First-time event – very well run and well-attended, at least as far as we could tell. There were a few small issues – the early start time (9AM) meant we had to be ready to set up at 6AM, and the town is not burdened with an overabundance of hotels. Regardless, we’d be happy to go back next year.

Our 3-buck bags were quite popular, and we also sold a few random pieces of antique frippery. Sir Bastian Wakefield found a forever home, so now we have to decide if we’re going to make another bear.

If you happen to be in town, we highly recommend the Trackside Grill – good coffee, good food, and a very nice staff.

Greater Honesdale Partnership


STEAMpunk Expo – 6/11/17


Two events in one weekend can be a little taxing, particularly if one of those days is ridiculously hot.

Morris Arboretum is one of our favorite places for a Steampunk event – there are wide open spaces, trees, plants, neat paths to explore, plenty of parking, and all sorts of interesting presentations and performances. This year, though, while the location was great it was really, really hot. Better than raining, we suppose, but still not the best kind of day to spend outdoors in one’s Steampunk finery.  How hot was it? Both of use eschewed our normal event attire for basic casual, something we never, ever do.

Despite any negative impact the weather may have had on attendance, it was still, as always, a lovely event.

Mr. Bones’ Invention Convention – 6/10/17


A very small, first-time event in Quakertown, PA, held at McCoole’s Arts & Events Place – quite an interesting venue.

Becuase it was such a small event, we were not expecting to be hugely busy. However, it was nice to spend some time in this unique, relaxed atmosphere, particularly as we are friends with most of the other vendors who attended, not to mention the event organizers.


Tried out a new way of displaying our 3-buck bags; it seemed to work fairly well & helps people avoid having to rummage through multiple bins to find things.

Gareth finally found a forever home, as well as Lewis March. We’ve decided that we will no longer make rabbits; there are a lot of technical challenges in the build process and they’re nearly impossible to demonstrate.

Speaking of demonstrating…

It was nice day with good company in an intriguing venue. And they supplied coffee – what more could you ask for?

Watch City Steampunk Festival – 5/13/17


Last year, this was one of only two events that we didn’t take pictures of. Guess what…yep, same again this year. The picture above was snagged from a Waltham News Tribune article.

Since we got into town a day early, we took some time to play tourist. Drove around the town for a bit, rummaged through a rather nice thrift store, and took in the Charles River Museum – well worth the afternoon.

This year we were located along the outside edge of the Commons, which meant we could park very close to our spot for load-in.  The weather was slightly better; it was cloudy, a little chilly, and breezy, but the rain held off until well after we’d gotten back to the hotel.

Like last year, it was extremely busy. Anya attracted quite a bit of attention, as always, despite a minor malfunction – part of her mane got pulled into the gears in her head, necessitating a bit of impromptu brain surgery, much to the amusement of onlookers.


This year in addition to bringing stained glass, we had a number of succulents potted in assorted teacups and silverplate serving pieces. They were quite well received. At the moment our intent is to have them for every show (where appropriate) from now on.


Some of the Critters (and other things!) that were adopted:

Despite the less-than-ideal weather, it was (just like last year) a fantastic event, and we’re planning on applying for next year.

International Steampunk Symposium – 4/28/2017

Yay for in-room vending! Well, mostly. There are some definite advantages. We were able to actually put out every Critter we currently had, including a couple of older ones we never bring (like Scamps, below) because they’re voice-activated and it’s always too noisy.


Scamps Ellington

The extra space also meant we could offer our various bits of Steampunk-y and cosplay frippery, along with a display of electronic do-dads, among which was our first fully-functional large Audio Retro Encabulator.

The lower-key atmosphere allowed us to really talk to people, which is always a lot of fun….

…and the window next to the front door was perfect for glass.

Finally, at the end of the day it was amazingly wonderful to be able to shut the door, drop the curtain, and be done. Dinner was simmering in the crockpot and wine in the fridge.

Several Critters who found new homes:

Despite a rather significant roof leak – there was basically an indoor waterfall outside our room – it was a great event, and we’ve already signed up for next year. It will be in a different hotel, with a more traditional vendor room. Can’t wait!

Heading West…

…in just a few days. We’re finally reaching the end of our latest batch. It can be frustrating sometimes, in that we have so many more ideas than we do the time to make them. However, we did manage to do a few different Critters this time.  There are a couple of hippos, two frogs, and a remote-controlled tarantula.

We were also able to squeeze in a few stained glass pieces (including more Cthulu suncatchers, of course). There are plans for more – and the glass is already picked out – but probably not until mid-summer. At the moment, it looks like we’ll have a whole herd of butterflies, some more dragons (and dragonflies), teacups, and a few abstract pieces.

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market – 4/8/2017


An odd time was had by all. We got there super early – they opened for vendors at 7 & we were there at 6:30. Getting up in the dark = bleh. Getting a parking space on the street right by the load-in door = WIN! We were in a great location, too, directly across from the coffee. Great, that is, until the rest rooms were shut down around noon…

Working with the smaller space seemed a bit more of a challenge for some reason. part of it may be that the container we have for our packing supplies is bigger and it (obviously) can’t be stashed under the table.

A few friends who found forever homes:

We were also thrilled when a gentleman who purchased from us previously added Short Round, our Indiana-Jones inspired walking dog, to his collection.

Our schedule may prevent us from doing this event in the summer or fall. If we do it next year in the spring, though, we’ve decided to get two tables. Apart from giving us a little more space, and breathing room, Anya wants to be a part of the fun!

Heading to TPRFM

We’ve completed six new Critters, four of which will be taken to the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market this Saturday. Because our table space is limited we’ve actually gone through our inventory and selected specific pieces to bring, instead of just taking them all. No stained glass for this one, no 3-buck bags, and unfortunately Anya will have to stay home. We will have tube packs, though, and probably a few little weird odds and ends.

We’re in!

We are very honored  (and excited!) to announce we have just been selected to vend at one of the best, and definitely most immersive, Steampunk events in the country. Tesla Con will be celebrating its 8th year and this year’s theme is the Bucharest Bungle.

Sterling has already begun gathering ideas for outfits, and the Professor is working on our backstory to round out our personas for the event.

Because of when the event is scheduled, we’re still deciding what to do about vending closing weekend of the PA Renfaire – at this point it looks like we’ll either vend on another of the Halloween weekends, or forgo it altogether. However, we will still absolutely be there for Time Traveller’s weekend.

Teslacon web site

Teslacon Facebook


Lexington Comic & Toy Con – 3/10/2017

…and we’re back!

Wow. Lexington was amazing -the weather turned out fine, if a little cold. It was the largest show we’ve ever been to (they’ve estimated 25,000+), and it completely justified the time we’ve put in over the past couple of months. We tend to say this for every show, but it should be understood that we really, truly mean it…the people we met were all fantastic. At the end of the day, they’re the reason we do what we do – those expressions of surprise and delight make everything worth it.

While we did get more pictures of the booth, the sun was behind it in the morning and most of the others didn’t come out.

We left PA on late Wednesday afternoon and stayed the night in Morgantown, WV. Thursday we arrived in Lexington around noon. Getting everything into the convention center was…challenging. Our vending spot was the absolute furthest it could be from the load-in area – Rupp Arena is HUGE.


It should be noted that the diagram shows the ground floor…we were in the third-floor vending area. Well, at least we now have the experience of using a (huge) freight elevator. The only time it was annoying was on Sunday morning when the Professor left his coffee in the van and had to walk back out for it. According to Google Earth, it was ¼ mile each way.

After getting the booth set up, we went to lunch and then checked into the AirBnB where we were staying. We normally like to stay in the venue hotel, but it was far more expensive than the (little) house we rented. It was only about two blocks away from the arena, and it was nice to have a real kitchen for those all-important sammiches and a real living room in which we could collapse lifelessly at the end of each day.


Friday night was moderately busy, and Saturday was insane. Sunday started out slow, but got much busier – at one point we had three customer orders waiting to be packaged; several people adopted multiple Critters.

Breakdown took us about an hour. Thanks to a gracious security guard and one of the other vendors lending us a cart, we were able to snag a space in the loading area and get everything back down and out in just two trips. It’s funny how much longer the walk was on the last one…

Overall, it was utterly exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

A few random bits…Sterling made a new friend.


We took a family portrait of all four sizes of copper horse. Anya, Anyanka, Halfrek, and Fionna.


Previously Anya had stood on an old trunk, but it was far too unwieldy and took up too much space in the van. Now she has a brandy-new custom table with folding legs. There’s a fabric skirt which folds up and gets tucked into a bag underneath for transport, so it’s completely self-contained. Much easier to deal with.

These are just a few of the Critters that found forever homes.

On Thursday we found out that we’d be able to sign up for next year on Sunday morning, and we were initially concerned that we would not be busy enough to make that decision by then. Needless to say, the Professor was in line at 9AM Sunday, application in hand.

Can’t wait for next year!