Mr. Bones’ Invention Convention – 6/10/17


A very small, first-time event in Quakertown, PA, held at McCoole’s Arts & Events Place – quite an interesting venue.

Becuase it was such a small event, we were not expecting to be hugely busy. However, it was nice to spend some time in this unique, relaxed atmosphere, particularly as we are friends with most of the other vendors who attended, not to mention the event organizers.


Tried out a new way of displaying our 3-buck bags; it seemed to work fairly well & helps people avoid having to rummage through multiple bins to find things.

Gareth finally found a forever home, as well as Lewis March. We’ve decided that we will no longer make rabbits; there are a lot of technical challenges in the build process and they’re nearly impossible to demonstrate.

Speaking of demonstrating…

It was nice day with good company in an intriguing venue. And they supplied coffee – what more could you ask for?

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