Watch City Steampunk Festival – 5/13/17


Last year, this was one of only two events that we didn’t take pictures of. Guess what…yep, same again this year. The picture above was snagged from a Waltham News Tribune article.

Since we got into town a day early, we took some time to play tourist. Drove around the town for a bit, rummaged through a rather nice thrift store, and took in the Charles River Museum – well worth the afternoon.

This year we were located along the outside edge of the Commons, which meant we could park very close to our spot for load-in.  The weather was slightly better; it was cloudy, a little chilly, and breezy, but the rain held off until well after we’d gotten back to the hotel.

Like last year, it was extremely busy. Anya attracted quite a bit of attention, as always, despite a minor malfunction – part of her mane got pulled into the gears in her head, necessitating a bit of impromptu brain surgery, much to the amusement of onlookers.


This year in addition to bringing stained glass, we had a number of succulents potted in assorted teacups and silverplate serving pieces. They were quite well received. At the moment our intent is to have them for every show (where appropriate) from now on.


Some of the Critters (and other things!) that were adopted:

Despite the less-than-ideal weather, it was (just like last year) a fantastic event, and we’re planning on applying for next year.

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