International Steampunk Symposium – 4/28/2017

Yay for in-room vending! Well, mostly. There are some definite advantages. We were able to actually put out every Critter we currently had, including a couple of older ones we never bring (like Scamps, below) because they’re voice-activated and it’s always too noisy.


Scamps Ellington

The extra space also meant we could offer our various bits of Steampunk-y and cosplay frippery, along with a display of electronic do-dads, among which was our first fully-functional large Audio Retro Encabulator.

The lower-key atmosphere allowed us to really talk to people, which is always a lot of fun….

…and the window next to the front door was perfect for glass.

Finally, at the end of the day it was amazingly wonderful to be able to shut the door, drop the curtain, and be done. Dinner was simmering in the crockpot and wine in the fridge.

Several Critters who found new homes:

Despite a rather significant roof leak – there was basically an indoor waterfall outside our room – it was a great event, and we’ve already signed up for next year. It will be in a different hotel, with a more traditional vendor room. Can’t wait!

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