Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market – 4/8/2017


An odd time was had by all. We got there super early – they opened for vendors at 7 & we were there at 6:30. Getting up in the dark = bleh. Getting a parking space on the street right by the load-in door = WIN! We were in a great location, too, directly across from the coffee. Great, that is, until the rest rooms were shut down around noon…

Working with the smaller space seemed a bit more of a challenge for some reason. part of it may be that the container we have for our packing supplies is bigger and it (obviously) can’t be stashed under the table.

A few friends who found forever homes:

We were also thrilled when a gentleman who purchased from us previously added Short Round, our Indiana-Jones inspired walking dog, to his collection.

Our schedule may prevent us from doing this event in the summer or fall. If we do it next year in the spring, though, we’ve decided to get two tables. Apart from giving us a little more space, and breathing room, Anya wants to be a part of the fun!

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