The Market of Curiosities – 12/3/2016

Another first-time holiday show for us. We always do well when the event focus is on the unusual, and this was no exception. Lots of really cool stuff.


The spots were large enough to be able to use our tent, which we think gives a nice emporium-of-the-odd feel. Of course, it also means we can use our cool steampunk lights.

Some of the Clockwork Critters (and a few glass critters) who found new homes:




Yuri – A jetpack duck




The bugs don’t have names, yet.



The customer that purchased Raine had originally picked out a different dinosaur, but when we went to change the batteries we discovered that during the build process we’d managed to glue the door shut. Oops.


Lt. Colonel Bramwell Penobscot

Anya definitely enjoyed all the attention, but she did NOT like the antlers and kept trying to shake them off.


“Is this my good side?”

From what we heard, the venue wasn’t as interesting as the one in previous years, but for the size of the crowd it worked. Since the space was large, we had a table more or less dedicated to glass, parts, and electronic gizmos. From this we had our first opto-theremin sale! Of course, we didn’t take any pictures of it, much less get sound samples. We are certainly planning on making more, and will be sure to actually document them.

We have to give a small shout-out to the venue employee who helped us with our tear-down; he used a skid and a pallet jack to get everything to the loading dock in one shot. Probably saved us at least a half-hour of schlepping things back and forth.

This was a fantastic event, and we’re really looking forward to doing it again next year.

The Market of Curiosities web site

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