NJ Renaissance Faire – 6/4/2016

Just like Watch City, the previous show, we managed to not take any picture of our booth for this event.


Cecily Simcox


Fulton Farringdon




Jillian Cantwell



The weather forecast for Sunday was ominous; they were calling for strong storms in the afternoon. The rain held off until after Faire ended – in fact, it held off until we’d gotten everything packed, the tent broken down, and had driven onto the shire to load up. Then it cut loose. Torrential downpour, strong winds, the whole bit. We got everything loaded, if the definition of “loaded” can be expanded to “frantically thrown into the van while barely able to see through the rain”. On the way back home we had to stop at Wawa and literally wring out our clothes. Apart from having to clean up the puddles in the van the next day. there was no damage.

NJ Renaissance Faire website

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