Watch City Steampunk Festival – 5/7/2016

In going through our pictures, we couldn’t find a single one of the booth for this event. Had it been taken at any time other then immediately after setup, though, it would have only shown the backs of a large number of people crowded around the tent.

Amazingly amazing event. Waltham is an fascinating city, located not far from Boston. It was a major center of watch manufacturing which makes a Steampunk festival a completely logical event to hold.

The Festival is free to attend. There are musical acts, loads of vendors, food, demonstrations, and giant Steampunk monsters wandering the grounds. Needless to say, we had a blast.






Jeannette Devereaux


K-2 – Doctor Who inspired


Marikoth – Our first large dragon


Master Huntley


Nes & Bitt – Bitt is only about 1″ long.


Paisley Skies



The weather was not ideal for the event; it was cloudy, a bit cool, and slighly drizzly for a good portion of the day. You wouldn’t have been able to tell from the crowds, though. We talked it over, and are fairly sure that had it been sunny we would have come as close to selling out as we ever have.

Our application for next year is already in, and we’ve got our fingers crossed.

(Update: We’ve been approved for 2017! Woo-hoo!)

Watch City Steampunk Festival website

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