International Steampunk Symposium – 4/8/2016

Our first show in Ohio. This was an interesting event for a number of reasons. First, it was good to be with a Steampunk crowd – they’re our kind of people. We stayed in the hotel the event was being held in, which is always nice. The Clockwork Critters were well-received, and we had some recommendations for other shows which we are considering for the future.



Horace Drinkwater


Mistress Vivian Perch




Peter – the 12th Doctor

When deciding whether or not to do this again, we took into consideration that we (as vendors) were treated extremely well by the event staff. The attendees were all fantastic, and the passion and enthusiasm of all involved was amazing. It was an extremely good time overall, so we will be participating in next year’s show. It’ll be another first for us – in-room vending. We’re looking forward to it.

Steampunk Symposium web site

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