Dragon Tales

We’ve gotten many requests for some type of dragon Critter. Being dragon fans ourselves,  a lot of time has been spent looking for an appropriate base. So far, our only option was to turn a T-rex into a dragon with the addition of hand-hammered sheet metal wings, e.g.Tiroth.

Tiroth 3

The two major issues there are time – not only fabricating the wings, but mounting them – and cost.

A little while back we received a non-battery-operated toy dragon in with a batch of regular critters. It was put aside, but recently the Professor took a crack at it. Meet Buddy.


Buddy’s wings and neck are manually operated, he has glass eyes, and his legs and tail are poseable. The reason this isn’t one of our regular white background pictures is that Buddy was adopted at a show, having just been completely painted.

We’ve found a few more of this toy, so there will be more winged dragons on the way soon. Any new ones will be holding a Steampunk-y staff in their left hands. Since this particular model is simpler than our regular Critters, it will also be priced somewhat lower.

This won’t preclude any more metal-winged beasties, but it will fill the gap until we have the time to make them.

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