Adventures in Finishing

At some point over the summer we picked up a toy pistol at a flea market for fifty cents. It was hollow and poorly-painted with visible seams and obvious glue joints. We had some vague idea we might Steampunk it, but no real plan. In the end it was decided to just paint it without any other embellishments. As usual, we forgot to take a “before” picture, but this is the “after”:

Pistol 1

In addition to sanding down the seams and filling in the most egregious gaps, the Professor added weights to the inside to give it a little more heft. This helps when handling the piece; it feels more like a real pistol and less like a hunk of cheap plastic.

Pistol2Despite appearances it’s completely static, nothing on it moves. Still, it turned out better than might be expected and was a lot of fun to finish.

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