New Critters 12/7/14

Nick and Nora have slightly unusual coloring. Nick is steel with undertones of bronze, and Nora is a sort of rose-gold. Custom-mixed colors can be a little problematic, but a few here and there make a nice change

Nora the Tea-Rex

Nora the Tea-Rex

Nick the Tea-Rex

Nick the Tea-Rex



Several people have asked about a dragon Critter. The two challenges were figuring out what to use as a base, and how to do wings. It turns out that the T-Rex has enough room internally for anchor points. The wings you see are the third version we tried, and any new ones will likely remain this design with minor variations. They’re made of hammered copper sheeting soldered over a copper wire frame. They don’t move, of course, but we think they still look pretty nifty.
Tiroth 3

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